Reliable Offline Maps for Zoo & Aqua Apps

Experience the freedom of exploration without data worries. Pigeon Attractions' Offline Maps ensure you're always on track, even when offline.

In today’s digital world, reliable internet access isn’t always guaranteed. Pigeon Tech understands the challenges this poses for zoos and aquariums. That’s why we offer robust offline map functionality within our mobile apps. This empowers your visitors to.

Navigate with Confidence

Even without Wi-Fi, visitors can easily find exhibits, restrooms and other essential locations using our intuitive, offline maps.

Access Key Information

Pre-downloaded content like animal descriptions, feeding times and show schedules remain accessible, ensuring a rich and informative experience for all.

Plan Their Visit Offline

Visitors can plan their itinerary and discover points of interest ahead of time, maximizing their enjoyment even with limited connectivity.

Pigeon Tech's Offline Maps: A Boon for Zoos & Aquariums

Pigeon-Tech Heat Maps are not just tools—they are essential partners in crafting memorable and engaging museum experiences. By understanding the silent stories your visitors tell through their movement, you can create a museum that not only inform and entertains but also flows in harmony with the needs and interests of its audience.

Enhanced Visitor Satisfaction

Guests won't get lost or frustrated by a lack of internet access, leading to a more positive experience and potentially, repeat visits.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Reduced reliance on staff for basic wayfinding inquiries frees up your team to focus on other crucial tasks.

Increased Revenue Potential

Offline access to information on concessions, gift shops and membership programs can encourage visitor spending.

Tech-Savvy Image

Offering an offline-friendly app positions your institution as forward-thinking and committed to a seamless visitor experience.

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