Ride Updates on Pigeon Attractions

Long wait times can be frustrating for all guests, especially for a ride or other activity that may only take a few minutes of their day. Pigeon Suite is here to help your guests to explore and enjoy the many attractions your venue provides sending them real-time updates on the status of the rides they want to enjoy without the long lines.Your guests can pre-plan their visits throughout your venue, and wait lines to access the locations within your site can be extremely frustrating, even to the point of driving them to cut their day short. So, it’s up to you and the services you can offer through Pigeon Suite apps including Ride Updates and other notifications to keep them updated with advanced messaging on the availability of all the events and activities they are interested in seeing. With continuous updates and live messaging notifications for your guests, feet move regularly throughout your venue all day long and it helps to keep the revenue flowing through every corner of your business as well.By notifying your customers with Ride Updates, many benefits are available for your business and guests alike:

With all the messages available that include Ride Updates and many other notifications, your customers have access to a much happier, interactive, and eventful experience through every moment at your location. They can share a pleasant and positive experience with their friends and family as well, drawing many additional customers to your venue and even further increasing your revenue over time. In the end, by keeping your customers satisfied and active throughout your site, they trust your business and are inspired to return on a regular basis, spending more money on you as time goes on. And your business will become the leader of your industry in your area. If you would like to see how these functions work, contact us today to request a demo.