Streamline Visits with Mobile Food Ordering

Long concession lines can frustrate visitors and eat into valuable time spent enjoying your zoo or aquarium. Pigeon Tech’s mobile app takes the hassle out of food service with our innovative mobile food ordering functionality. This powerful tool allows visitors to:

Skip the Lines

Order food and drinks conveniently from their phones, avoiding long wait times and maximizing their time exploring exhibits.

Pre-Order Meals

Plan their visit seamlessly by pre-ordering meals before arrival or while browsing exhibits.

Convenient Reordering

Save favorite orders for quick and easy repeat purchases throughout the day.

Dietary Needs Met

Offer options for visitors with specific dietary needs, ensuring a more inclusive experience.

Pigeon Tech's Mobile Food Ordering: A Boon for Zoos & Aquariums

Pigeon-Tech Heat Maps are not just tools—they are essential partners in crafting memorable and engaging museum experiences. By understanding the silent stories your visitors tell through their movement, you can create a museum that not only inform and entertains but also flows in harmony with the needs and interests of its audience.

Increased Revenue

Reduce cart abandonment and boost concession sales with convenient mobile ordering.

Enhanced Visitor Satisfaction

Minimize wait times and frustration, leading to happier and more satisfied visitors.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Reduce staffing needs at concession stands and streamline food service operations.

Valuable Data Insights

Gain valuable data on visitor preferences to optimize concession offerings and promotions.

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Invest in a win-win solution. Contact Pigeon Tech today to discuss adding mobile food ordering to your custom zoo or aquarium app!